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I am queer artist making individual, sex positive, feminist artworks in 3D on a miniature scale. My latest series,'gunk and oozing', tries to grapple with the messiness of a queer feminist life; introspection, intimacy and intimate space, queer agency and bodily remnants. The series has recently been published in creatures magazine.

I learnt this medium from my career as a theatre designer making 1 to 25 scale models of sets. These models would be used to discuss design concepts with the director and rest of the creative team, to guide (alongside technical drawings) the set builders and scenic artists and communicate to the actors what the space they’ll perform in will look like, but unfortunately are rarely seen by the audience themselves. I was keen to use my model-making skills for more than just a tool, to use it as an art medium to talk about the things that really matter to me.


Due to COVID 19 and the closure of theatres, I have had to develop my creative practice and look for another way to express myself. These pieces are designed to spark conversations about topics that some of us are less used to talking openly about. 

A selection of postcards of my work are available on sicklovezine's shop. For the full range of postcards and A4 prints please see my shop

Wake Up.
Daisy Blower.
10 cm x 10 cm x 11.5 cm
Mixed Media. 2020.


Image description: In Black and White. A 1 to 25 scale miniature model of a tiny grass roundabout which has been used to picnic on. Litter covers the space. A disposable bbq, pink camping chair, orange rug, ‘Veg Fest’ vegetarian sausages, satsumas, bread rolls, empty beer bottles and cans, tobacco pouches, red sunglasses, orange headphones. A tote bag with a picture of the planet on it which reads ‘Wake Up’.

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