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Duvet Day_Daisy Blower_2020.JPG
Duvet Day.
Daisy Blower.
7 cm x 6.8 cm x 11.3 cm.
Mixed Media. 2020.

Image description: A 1 to 25 scale miniature model of the corner of a mustard walled sitting room. A pink velvet armchair with a light blue and white blanket draped messily over it and a smashed iPhone on its arm. The blinds are drawn and a coffee cup sits on the window sill. A dirty plate, banana skin, empty pizza box, empty bottle of wine, a coke can and a pile of unopened bills, a purple vibrator, all litter the teal carpet floor. A shelf with a plant, pile of books and a postcard in pink with dark pink writing that says Duvet Day is propped in the corner.

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